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We want to reward our Recite Ambassadors! Referral Partners identify potential Recite Conferencing customers and refer them to Recite for their Conferencing needs. We appreciate your support and in recognition of your good will, we will give you 5% of your referral customers conferencing spend for 3 months. As an example of how to earn rewards, refer an Audio or Web Conferencing customer who bills $2500 a month for 3 months is $375 to you!

This program is FREE and easy to join.

So, are You a Potential Match? Recite is looking for Referral Partners who have solid customer relationships with companies and the insight to know when Recite is a good fit to solve their client's business needs. Ideal referral partners include:

  • Current Recite customers and users
  • Wireline, Wireless and Telecommunications professionals who have customers seeking conferencing solutions
  • Strategic Partners, former colleagues, friends and Recite champions

By associating themselves with the leading integrated conferencing solution, Recite Referral Partners receive financial rewards without ever having to close, implement, or service the company or conferencing user they introduced to us. Recite Referral Partners don't have to be trained experts in Recite applications or invest time learning how to sell a new product. Rather, Referral Partners are required only to identify potential matches for Recite solutions and to make introduction in the initial sales process.

Commission Detail
Under the Recite Referral Program, partners are entitled to receive a referral award equal to 5% of the total invoice amount for 3 consecutive months of billing. This occurs with the first conference call or web conference and is three calendar months of billing. Awards are net of any promotions, discounts or taxes. Each Referral Partner will be required to email the referral details to  to register any referrals. To qualify, any referral must be made prior to the prospect contacting Recite on their own, and the prospect cannot already be listed in our system as an existing lead.

Current Recite customers can receive the award either as cash or gift card or credits good towards their own account

Apply Now
Submit your application for the Recite Referral Program. A representative will review your application for accuracy and contact you with further details.